The public has always expressed their dissatisfaction with the parking situation downtown. But the Nashville City Council has proposed a parking bill that could change the situation.

The bill, led by council member Freddie O’Connell, aims to make the city more of a walkable community by easing the parking requirements imposed on developers in the city.

Under current city law, whenever any developer undertakes a project, Metro requires that the project contain a certain amount of parking. According to the council member, these minimum parking requirements are unnecessary restrictions upon developers.

By removing these requirements, the council expects to see developers focus more on developing housing. The goal is to give people more transportation options like walking, biking, or public transportation.

The Nashville parking bill will particularly effect areas like Germantown, Edgehill, 12 South, and some of East Nashville.

Some Misconceptions

O’Connell wanted to clarify that this is not a move to eliminate parking in Nashville. The Bill doesn’t say that developers are no longer allowed to build parking. Developers are free to do so if they wish. This bill will just remove minimum parking requirements on developers building new construction.

This bill will give developers in Nashville the full freedom to decide how much parking they need for their specific project.


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