After an incredibly intense, high-scoring football game this weekend, the University of Tennessee came out on top. The final score was 52-49, but the narrow victory created by a last-second field goal was only one of the crazy things that happened to the goal posts that night.

A Massive Upset

The Tennessee and Alabama rivalry has been a long one. In fact, the two schools have been competing against each other in football since 1901. For the past 15 years, the Volunteers have never come up with a victory over the Crimson Tide. But that all changed Saturday night in Neyland Stadium in Knoxville.

The score was tied at 49-49. With 15 seconds left to go in the game, Alabama lines up for a vital 50-yard field goal to go up by three and win the game. But Alabama kicker Will Reichard was unsuccessful.

Tennessee turned around, and with 15 seconds to go, Vols quarterback Hendon Hooker completed two massive passes to get the ball downfield into field goal range. Hooker completed 21 of 30 passes on the night.

Tennessee kicker Chase McGrath took his 40-yard attempt as the clock expired, and it sailed through the uprights to a massive uproar as the crowds celebrated one of the biggest upsets of the year. It’s truly one for the history books.

But perhaps the real hero of the night is wide receiver Jalin Hyatt. The player broke a school record catching 5 touchdowns on the night for a total of 207 yards.

Fans Gone Wild

The Vols fans simply couldn’t contain themselves. After over a decade of defeats to the University of Alabama, something crazy simply had to happen to give the news something to marvel at.

A sea of orange fans stormed the field, relief and feelings of ecstasy filled the air. The fans wanted, needed a memento by which to remember this amazing victory. And what better memento than the very Tennessee goal posts through which McGrath kicked the game winner.

 The fans tore down the goal posts, which clock in at about 900 pounds. The real problem was getting them out of the stadium. They tore the uprights off of the crossbar and, after maneuvering it over a fence, through the beams that held up the stands, and out the door, it looked like they might get away with their prize.

However, as they reached Middle Drive just outside the stadium, local law enforcement arrived and put ended the fun. The fans laid down the Tennessee goal posts. And with that, one of the most memorable football games in Vols history came to an end.



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