In spite of the fact that Davidson County now has 1,465 cases of COVID-19 and 19 COVID-19 related deaths, some people around our city are become fed up with the continued quarantine restrictions and shut downs.

One business in particular has decided to stage a public demonstration in on of Nashville’s most iconic locations – the middle of Broadway.

After Off The Wagon, or ‘Nashville Party Wagon’, was forced to lay off 15 of its employees, they decided to plaster giant posters to the side of their wagon that read, “Stand up, open up, get back to work.” and “The world needs to be back at work.”

So far the demonstration has received mixed responses, with some people outraged that a business would call for civil unrest during this national crisis, and others saying they support the demonstration and feel we should stand up against continued restrictions.

What are your thoughts on the continued quarantine restrictions?


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