The Tennessee Titans were under a microscope going into this season.

After finishing first in the AFC South Division for the past two years, many critics looked at the team and said that they would turn out to be a dud this year. Articles from Bleacher Report and NFL Spin Zone claimed that the organization wasn’t moving forward fast enough and that the upcoming season looked bleak.

But after a successful start to the season, it looks as though the Titans are proving the critics wrong. Here’s a look into the Time leading up to the ’22/’23 season and how it’s going so far.

Before the Season

One of the biggest reasons critics were skeptical of the Titans this year is that they got rid of star wide receiver A.J. Brown. Brown’s past three seasons with the Titans were incredibly successful. He was one of QB Ryan Tannehill’s go-to guys. In total, four of the Titans’ top five receivers are no longer on the roster.

In addition, there were questions about running back Derrick Henry. They gave the star running back a $2 million raise, making him the highest-paid running back in the league. But the RB was out for nine games last season due to injuries.

Questions were also raised about coach Mike Vrabel and whether or not he’d be able to replicate the past seasons’ success with so many staffing changes.

The Current State of Affairs

But despite all of that, the Titans have shown up this year, even after a questionable start. They had a close loss to the Giants and a devastating loss to the Bills in their first two games.

But the franchise has bounced back. With a four game winning streak, their current record is 4-2, and they’re currently in 1st place in the AFC South, despite being behind a game.

Time will tell if they can keep up the important victories and keep proving the haters wrong. There’s still a long Tennessee Titans season ahead and some big matchups coming up in the schedule, giving the Titans a real chance to prove their worth and value in the NFL this year.


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